Dreamers of the Grail
Dreamers of the Grail by Dale Geraldson with Original Cover
August 16, 2018
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The Philosopher’s Wife



John Stuart Mill was a child prodigy and became one the most influential British thinkers of the 19th century, contributing to social justice and logic. As a member of Parliament, he received credit as a primary instigator of the women’s suffrage movement.

Much less known is the profound influence his collaborator, Harriet Taylor – married to another when they first met – had upon his work. So how could this intellectual pair, often condemned by polite English society, develop their revolutionary ideas and their relationship as the British Empire neared its political and economic peak?

“The Philosopher’s Wife” reveals this little known love story from Georgian and Victorian England, remaining true to the historical sources, including much of what John and Harriet actually said and wrote.
Enjoy the new novel by former teacher of history and philosophy Edwin Wollert, the latest offering from Stone Ring Press and the first of our titles in historical fiction!

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