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Founder Edwin Wollert was educated at Butler University, and has taught English and Spanish, and worked in various customer service fields, prior to embarking upon serving as editor and publisher of Stone Ring Press. He is an avid hiker, ballroom dancer, scuba diver, and aikido practitioner, and ultimately decided to work with the likes of Dale Geraldson and D. T. Kizis when he accidentally learned of their work and its quality.

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Packs by D.T. Kizis new cover


Contemporary Fiction

How closely can anyone come to comprehending what another creature thinks? And how do we reconcile the need for acceptance with the equally pressing need for individuality within ourselves, especially since we so often have difficulty understanding our own motivations and those we love?
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Dreamers of the Grail by Dale Geraldson new cover

Dreamers of the Grail

Fantasy Fiction

Arthurian expert Dale Geraldson offers a glimpse of the mythical heroes that is unlike the other renditions that have come before. Here we meet the younger knights of the realm: the daydreaming errant and the headstrong child of one of Arthur's champions.
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The Philosopher's Wife

Historical Fiction

John Stuart Mill was a child prodigy and became one the most influential British thinkers of the 19th century. Much less known is the profound influence his collaborator, Harriet Taylor. “The Philosopher’s Wife” reveals this little known love story from Georgian and Victorian England, remaining true to the historical sources.
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At Stone Ring, we take pride in offering exceptional new talent.