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Stone Ring Press is the brainchild of Editor and Publisher Edwin Wollert, who loves quality fiction but also feels frustrated at the growing difficulties promising authors face when submitting their work to the publishing industry.  The business itself remains in constant change, with ďhow toĒ guides receiving annual (and sometimes more frequent) updates, and agents and editors altering their interests or requirements.  The old adage about hooking up with an agent being more difficult than finding an editor likely remains true, which is hardly encouraging news as agents themselves in turn have huge troubles finding editors willing to take a chance on new work.  Simply put, itís never been more difficult to break into publishing as a talented rookie, and at Stone Ring, we take pride in offering exceptional new talent.  Despite the hazards facing new (and sometimes established) writers, this is curiously an excellent time to develop the Small Press, and thus Stone Ring was born.

Founder Edwin Wollert was educated at Butler University, and has taught English and Spanish, and worked in various customer service fields, prior to embarking upon serving as editor and publisher of Stone Ring Press.  He is an avid hiker, ballroom dancer, scuba diver, and aikido practitioner, and ultimately decided to work with the likes of Dale Geraldson and D. T. Kizis when he accidentally learned of their work and its quality.

Author Dale Geraldson earned a masterís degree in philosophy from Ohio University, and currently resides in Oregon, being among the few to actually teach within his unusual specialty.  The Arthur legends have always been his passion, and he has researched their influence upon his own academic specialty, which eventually led to his reworking of the quest for the Holy Grail.  Dale has always wondered about the events leading to the downfall of Camelot, and focuses on the political as well as magical background of Arthurís kingdom in his breakout novel.  Dale even likes to describe himself as a Connecticut Yankee revisiting Arthurís Court, since he hails from the Constitution State, and has lived in six other states before finding his home in the Pacific Northwest.  His novel Dreamers of the Grail marks Stone Ringís initial foray into the huge and exciting realm of fantasy fiction.

Author D. T. Kizis holds a masterís degree in history from American Public University, and lives in Alaska, where he has worked as an emergency medical technician, first aid trainer, history lecturer, and wildlife educator.  He brings these various elements of his professional background together into his novel Packs, a contemporary piece of literary fiction set mostly within the wilds of Alaska that he loves so much.  D. T. has traveled extensively, getting his boots and backpack dirty in six continents, and got busy writing largely from his experiences of educating the public about predators, especially wolves, having served as the educator for Wolf Song of Alaska for many years.  His favorite species remains highly misunderstood, and he describes his novel as a canid version of Watership Down meeting Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Artist Maria Talasz is the brilliantly talented cover painter of the novels published by Stone Ring Press.  She comes from the Netherlands, and is now a dual-citizen residing in Alaska, working primarily for an architectural and engineering firm.  Almost completely self-taught, she works in media from painting to sculpture, graphic design to architectural planning.  Visit her fabulous web site  here:  http://www.equilux.com

Graphic Artist Jon Bogart serves Stone Ring Press as an assistant editor and proofreader, and also created the publisherís logo.  He lives in Oregon and works for a graphic design company, and his work can be found here: http://www.imaginegraphics.net

Kendra Wollert, dedicated and patient wife of the founder of Stone Ring Press, now acts as copy editor and marketer.  That is, she makes time for such essential activities when not teaching, having also worked as both a veterinary technician and a gemologist.  She hails from Michigan and Indiana.

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