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Blurbs for "Dreamers of the Grail:"

“The really interesting characterization is Geraldson’s treatment of the Grail knight Galahad.  (His) original contribution is to transform him into Lancelot’s illegitimate daughter…Geraldson wants us to embrace inclusivity… The author’s afterword on the history and sources is excellent.” -   Fay Sampson, author of Daughter of Tintagel and Visions and Voyages: the Story of Celtic Spirituality

“(Geraldson) is a mind well worth knowing, with a broad and beautiful vision of the world beyond the merely visible.” “(Dreamers of the Grail) gives evidence of a broad, warm, loving creative spirit.” -  Phyllis Ann Karr, author of The King Arthur Companion and Idylls of theQueen

Blurbs for "Packs:"

“An enjoyable read.” - Tom Meier, Wolf Biologist, Denali National Park

"Kizis has researched his subjects well." - Dr. Erich Klinghammer, Wolf Park, Indiana

Bibliography for "Dreamers of the Grail" (.pdf): Bibliography_for_Dreamers_of_the_Grail2.doc

Bibliography for "Packs" (.pdf):

The amazing cover painting for "Dreamers of the Grail" (Adobe): 

The stunning cover painting for "Packs" (Adobe):

Biography of Author Dale Geraldson (.pdf): SRPGeraldson.pdf

Biography of Author D.T. Kizis (.pdf): SRPKizis.pdf

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