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Periodically we'll exhibit some other nifty stuff on this page which pertains to our books.  This is a good venue to display other Arthurian works of art, in deference to "Dreamers of the Grail."  Additionally, we'll have other materials, like puzzles and trivia and surveys.

Below is our current artistic selection (all such portrayals lie within the public domain): "Lady Affixing Pennant to a Knight's Spear," by Elizabeth Siddal.  Such a title doesn't sound overly Arthurian, though this is appealing for two reasons: first, it's encouraging to note the work of 19th-century women artists, since they're not often studied (she herself was painted by a number of the Pre-Raphaelites).  And second, there seems to be mutual compassion evidenced in this work, with both persons realizing that he's about to head out into something potentially hazardous.

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